Civil Construction

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Civil construction is typically classified as an integral branch of civil engineering rather than construction. Civil projects focus on creating infrastructure that deals with water, earth, or transport. It involves such projects as railways, water reservoirs, sewer systems, storm systems, and more.

Civil construction

The civil construction industry is involved with countless projects designed to improve the daily lives of the public, making them easier and safer.
Earthwork Projects
This may consist of capping landfills, building new levees, and reshaping areas that are prone to flooding to reduce future risk.
This can include various types of transport such as light rail or high-speed tracks. It may also include streetcar systems.
Transportation Hubs
These projects involve anything from ports to airports and other major hubs.
Whether residential streets or more complex projects, civil construction is involved in roadway projects.
Such projects might involve holding tanks, treatment plants, and settlement ponds, and might include other essential structures for the processing of wastewater.
Civil construction handles dams and the associated reservoir tanks or lakes, as well as systems used in power generation.

what is civil construction for?

Civil construction is responsible for much of the world that surrounds us and the majority of the structures that we use on a daily basis which are not privately owned. Before any work on these projects can begin, there is a need for considerable planning, involving cooperation between engineers and design specialists.

Civil construction also involves the management of natural and existing environments. This can include several areas, particularly those where nature encounters man-made infrastructure.

Working With Civil Engineers

PLAN Contracting has worked closely with civil engineering firms as well as municipal bodies on a variety of projects. The role of civil engineers is to plan, design, and test structures prior to their use by the public.

Engineers will begin with the architectural drawing and will choose the appropriate materials. They will come up with a design that not only supports the goals of the project but also works with the surrounding environment. They may also be involved in some other activities such as preparing the site, and they are responsible for verifying the quality of materials used and the structures themselves.

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