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Whether you have a tree that needs to be removed or are preparing to lay a foundation, PLAN Contracting is here for you, offering a wide range of general excavation services. Don’t risk an unpleasant or costly surprise by doing the digging yourself. Many services are found underground, from waterworks and the sewer system to electricity, natural gas pipelines, and the internet network. Our team of professionals knows how to get the job done properly, and with safety first, while respecting your budget and time constraints.


Excavation work involves moving rock and dirt to create a proper workspace for construction and other projects.
The first step for any new home or building is digging the hole to secure the foundation. Everything else depends on this.
Installing or Repairing Underground Pipes.
When pipes leak, access is required to fix them. Whether installing or repairing pipes underground, you will need professional excavation services to get the job done.
Cleaning Environmental Contamination
Homeowners dread the prospect of a leaking septic system or underground storage tank, but when this occurs, it can pollute the soil, affecting other homes and businesses in the area. Addressing the problem will typically necessitate excavation services.
Property Cleanup
Following major storms, your property may require cleanup, including the removal of fallen trees or structures. You may also experience drainage issues and erosion due to flood damage. Excavation services can help clean up your property to prevent additional risks.
Trees threatening nearby structures may need to be removed, as will those that are in the way of your building projects.
Pool Installation and Removal
A professional excavation company will not only ensure that the dig is performed correctly and safely, but it will also minimize damage to the surrounding environment. Conversely, you may wish to remove an in-ground pool. This requires more than filling in the hole, as leaks, poor drainage, and sunken land are all issues that a professional can avoid.
Adding a Basement
A complicated project, adding a basement requires an experienced, well-qualified, and insured team of professionals to avoid potentially disastrous results.

Why You Need Professional Excavation Services

Excavation work can be complicated and risky. For this reason, it is important to rely on a professional service. When you trust PLAN Contracting to do the work, you can expect 

Skill and Experience

Mistakes can be costly and dangerous. We know the ins and outs of the business and the right way to get things done.


At PLAN Contracting, we know how important it is to meet deadlines. We work quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest standard of quality.


As professional contractors, we have strict safety regulations to follow, and our whole team is trained to minimize any risks or mistakes.

At PLAN Contracting we have the skill and experience to handle all your excavation need