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Given enough time, a buried steel tank will rust and, eventually, it will develop a hole. When this happens, oil will leak from the tank. Unfortunately, many home and business owners may be unaware that their underground tank has cracked or rusted, resulting in the contamination of their property.

If you have an old oil tank on your property and are having it removed, you may discover that it has been leaking dangerous chemicals into the ground without you knowing. Depending on your exact location, you are likely to encounter very strict regulations that require remediation. 


What is Site Remediation?
Site Remediation
Site remediation is a type of environmental project management that detects, assesses, and eliminates contaminants from a polluted or toxic site. If the soil on your property has been contaminated, remediation can help treat it and restore it to a healthy state. Failure to remediate the toxic soil can have a significant negative impact on both the health of those using the property and the greater environment.

Do you have Contaminated Soil?

According to the definition used by the Canadian government, a contaminated site is one where “substances occur at concentrations above background (normally occurring) levels and pose or are likely to pose an immediate or long-term hazard to human health or the environment, or exceeding levels specified in policies and regulations.”

Some of the issues that could prove harmful to humans include:

Oil Tank Removal

Getting rid of old oil tanks

At PLAN Contracting, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to remove your old oil tank properly and safely, with minimal site disturbance. We comply with all government guidelines and regulations to ensure a smooth removal that meets government standards.

Oil Tank Remediation Victoria

Where your health is concerned, you don’t want to put your faith in just anybody.

That’s why you should turn to PLAN Contracting. Our years of experience make all the difference.

site remedation

our years of experience make all the difference

We begin by assessing the situation to determine the extent of contamination, which in turn determines the amount of intrusion necessary. Once done, workers will remove the contamination completely by digging it out. This will be followed by the taking of soil samples from the bottom and sides of the excavated site. These will be used to ensure that the site is now clean. Provided the site is now in compliance with environmental regulations, the hole can be filled. If, however, the site fails testing, further remediation will be required.

Oil tank removal and site remediation is serious business and requires knowledge and experience to be done properly and safely. At PLAN Contracting, we take your site remediation seriously so that you can feel secure knowing that your property is safe.

Working with your environmental engineer, we minimize site disturbance