Subsurface Drilling

We maintain a serviced fleet of limited access drilling equipment.

Many modern activities and practices have an impact upon the environment that is not immediately visible. Contaminants in the air and water are sometimes more readily apparent, while soil contamination may be harder to detect. Unfortunately, soil contamination can put both the environment and human health at risk. As a result, organizations turn to soil drilling and sampling in order to understand the full impact of their operations and make informed decisions about risk management. 

Drilling and sampling projects allow for the acquisition of samples that reasonably represent subsurface conditions on a property or the site of a project in development. The type and frequency of sampling will depend on the purpose of the investigation as well as the type of material that turns up.


Soil Sampling and Drilling
Take a look at our serviced fleet of drilling equipment. Combined with our experience and expertise, we can offer you a range of sampling services for soil and sediment, following both local and international standards.

we assist in sampling and the design of remediation plans according to your needs.

Generally speaking, soil sampling will be conducted during a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment and is performed to ascertain whether subsurface contamination is present and if it might potentially spread to neighbouring properties.

Samples will be collected, handled, stored, and analyzed according to local standards. 

Soil sampling may include:

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Some of the drilling services offered include:

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