Underground Utilities & Site Services

installation of various site services including storm, sewer, septic, hydro and more.

Underground utilities refer to the public service infrastructure of pipes and cables in a community that provides electricity, water, gas, phone lines, sewage, and more. These utility lines allow the community to function properly. They are typically installed underground for safety and convenience, but also for aesthetics.

underground utilities

While today’s new utility lines are installed underground, there are many older utility lines that remain above ground that need to be buried.
Overhead electrical cables can pose a danger in areas prone to high winds which can cause them to topple. Other utilities like pipelines for water, oil, and gas are prone to vandalism and even theft, making underground installation the most logical choice.
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Whether it be storm, sewer, septic, waterworks, hydro, drain tile, or telecommunications, we have the expertise and experience to get it done. As underground utility contractors, we can help install and repair underground lines. This can involve excavating the land for pipes and installing temporary pipes to minimize disruptions during the installation of permanent lines. We can also assist with critical issues such as water main breaks.

we handle excavation, earthworks, and the placing of key utilities.

let us save you time and money on your project by providing underground utility construction

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if you plan to dig

As the owner of an existing property, if you plan to dig, it is vital that you locate underground utilities before you begin. Safety is the primary concern on any worksite, making underground utility contractors a critical part of maintaining a secure work environment.

Underground contractors perform the necessary research to accurately determine the location, depth, and layout of currently existing infrastructure. Failing to do so can result in consequences ranging from significant delays and equipment damage to worker injury or death. By working with everyone on-site, underground utility contractors help ensure that accidents involving underground infrastructure are avoided.

Site services play an integral part in the success of your project by ensuring the quality of work on the site. With so many subsystems to deal with, you need to keep everything under control to achieve the desired results within the projected timeframe. Proper site services help to keep the project running smoothly and efficiently.

Our site services help your project to run smoother and produce the results you are looking for. This includes pre-project assistance, site preparation, lot clearing, excavating and earthworks, water main installation, and sewer installation.

Underground Utilities & Site Services

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